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Prince Ofoefule has always loved designing. He was finally able start his clothing line “Most Wanted” back in September of 2016. This line was not targeted for anyone specifically. He wanted his line to be inclusive and rockable by any and everyone.The feeling of his first sale was indescribable. To see people buy his pieces and add it to their wardrobe was a big moment for him. Being a designer does have its ups and downs. However, Prince has finally found the balance between being in school and being a designer. The main struggle Prince goes through as a designer is not having his vision and the final product match.

Oftentimes he has an amazing design in his head, but when he puts the design on a product he is underwhelmed. He works well under the pressure, so it always ends up working out for him in the end. You know what they say, “pressure makes diamonds.” In the world of designers, Prince considers himself a student and a teacher. He learns tips and tricks from those above him and shares his knowledge to those who are just starting or need his advice. He has constantly learned from big brands like Playboy and Bape for inspiration for his new pieces. One day, he would love to do a collaboration design with them. In the next five years he hopes for his brand to “be at the top.” He would love to see all his hard work manifest into something great. His motivation stems from the success of others in his field. Seeing other designers succeed gives him hope that his own time will come if he puts in the work. Success to him would be having everybody rocking his clothes and talking about his brand. In addition, Prince would love to see Partynextdoor, Drake, and A$AP Rocky in some of his gear too! The fashion industry changes constantly, and Prince plans to stay relevant by continuing to drop clothes that people enjoy to wear and allow “God to take care of the rest.” He wants his clothing line to be more than just a hobby, he wants it to be a career. In order to make that dream a reality, he constantly watches, learns, and executes. His advice to other is to “keep God close,” and He will turn those dreams into a reality.

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