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Rapper James Page arises from Columbus, Georgia. Being surrounded by rappers growing up changed his life more than he thought it ever would. This gift has allowed him to truly find himself and everything he was passionate for. Everyday, he is grateful for waking up and getting the chance to constantly get better at what he does. He surrounds himself with all the necessary tools for success. Every chance he gets, he uses to write down his thoughts in the form of lyrics. In his lyrics he likes to keep it as real as possible. He lets his audience know that nothing in life is handed to you, and you must always go out and get it. James believes keeping it real is the only way to stay relevant in this fake world. Music really allows him to open his mind and not conform to the norms of society. Music has truly taught him to strive to always be the better version of himself. His advice for others is simple. “Never give up on your dream, and invest in yourself. If you don’t, how can anybody else?”

James wants to spread a diverse sound in his music, help the rise of other artists, models, fashion designers. In his eyes, being able to complete goals, whether short term or long term, would validate his success. If he was granted the opportunity, he would want to feature Pharrell in his music, no question about it. However, while that event is brewing, he looks forward to showing his fans what he has been working on for so long when he does a live performance.

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