Go Hard or Go Home

Jordan Miller is a name you need to remember. Jordan is a Nigerian and Jamaican rapper from Far Rockaway, New York who represents Alief, Texas. He shares his story through his lyrics and lets the audience know what is on his mind. Music has always been a part of Jordan’s life. However, it has not changed him as a person, but it has improved his outlook on life. On a day to day, he writes down short incomplete lyrics of what is on his mind. Later he creates a story with those lyrics and shares with his audience. His flow never stays the same. As he evolves, his music evolves as well. He is grateful to his past self for having the courage to publicly display his talent of rapping for the world to see. He considers that boldness as one of his greatest achievements to date. He looks up to big name rappers like Prodigy from Mobb Deep because of his genuine flow.

Over the years he has put more and more time into his work and has definitely seen the outcome of his endeavors. Like wine, he gets better with time. Jordan puts all his energy into what he does. He is aware that the only way of getting better in anything is to “go hard behind it.” With the amount of work he puts in, he knows that soon he will be exactly where he wants to be.

Jordan has such a bright future ahead of him, and his greatest motivation stems from his personal drive for success. He strives for remembrance. He believes success comes from achieving everything you wished for. Leaving a mark on all his listeners would be a great place to start.

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