Don't Shleep on KD

We’re bringing you an artist that you should definitely not be “shleepin” on. From Southwest Alief, Texas we have an artist who is “just giving people the real me.” Devante a.k.a KD has been into music since he was a kid. He was in the booth making music with his cousin when he was as young as 8 years old. Music has always been a way he could express himself. KD can make a song just about anything he goes through on a day to day. He believes being raised in Alief, TX has really brought a lot of meaning behind his music that a lot of people can relate to. In a whole day he writes at least 3 songs just expressing his thoughts. KD only raps on events of everyday life that has changed him as person. Nothing in his music is “all talk.”

All his hard work is dedicated to his family. KD wants to succeed in this industry to gift his family a happy and stress free life. He constantly works hard in order to perfect his craft, and like normal, he’s had a few hiccups on the way. His first show was not the best, but he pushed through that performance, and learned tips to truly rock the crowd. KD understands that the only way he can remain relevant in this rapidly changing society, is continue to work on himself and tune others out. His definition of success is beyond just himself. He wants to use his success to give his kids a great future and put Alief, Texas on the map. He is aware that the road to success will not be easy, but he pushes others pursuing the same career to keep their eye on the prize. He states, “If pursuing a music career is your dream and passion, go for it , take what’s yours. Just know it won’t be easy.”

KD has been working on his mixtape for about a year. Check out “Shleepin On Me.”

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