Engineer by Day, Creator by Night

As if one job was not enough, meet the man who does it all, Adey Obisan. Engineer, Designer, and Photographer. Talk about work hard, play hard.

On an average day, he starts off with his day job as an engineer and later he uses all his creative juices to formulate ideas he can use in a design and or in his photography. Everyday, he spends hours just thinking of ways to “excel in all facets” in which he involves himself in. The journey that led him to where he is now has not been an easy one. It has truly forced him out of his shell in order enjoy the bigger picture. Adey states, “My art and brand, has pushed me to the edge of my capabilities. It forced me to embrace patience and enjoy the slow painful journey that success requires. The challenges that I have faced have allowed me to process things differently.”

Adey created his clothing brand, “Grand XL” in April of 2017. However, due to all the preparation, he did not publically release it until September of 2017. His clothing line caters to plus size people, whom are often ignored by the fashion industry. The plus size industry is not always “poppin,” so everyday he faces the challenge of remaining true to himself in the midst of any circumstance. He is aware that he may not be able to please everyone, but he sticks by his vision, knowing people will appreciate his efforts. His brand has been growing because he studies people and he studies trends. He mixes many ideas to create an admirable product. Success to him is fulfilling the goal you set for yourself and everything else follows.

Adey has chosen a different path that has humbled him. His brand continues to change the perception on the plus size industry. He believes he has what it takes to be named the Most Valuable Artist. Do you?


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