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The market for entrepreneurship is rapidly expanding in Texas. Representing Houston TX, Malique Jenkins the Owner / CEO of Yoba Apparel. In an interview with Jenkins he states, "I always said I would never start a clothing because that's what everyone was doing at the time, but my senior year of high school things changed." Being a popular trend it was hard to distinguish the genuine creatives from the owners who were riding the wave but Jenkins was confident that he would be a leader rather than a follower. His goal with the brand is to ultimately push the three virtues he promotes which are unity, positivity, and diversity. A long term goal would be to reaching more people in different parts of the country. When it comes to bringing these pieces to life, Jenkins goes through a rigid design process before drawing his thoughts out on paper. As passionate as Malique is about his brand, he continues to challenge himself and break down new barriers every single day by being consistent and taking advantage of any networking opportunity that is thrown his way. He claims that being around other young and successful people is his main inspiration and in five years sees himself owning a flourishing business with several customers wearing his brand and promoting the message behind it. As a piece of advice to any future entrepreneurs Jenkins says, "Do not give up and do not get discouraged, failure is apart of success."


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