VAGUE is a unique clothing line Richmond Kingsford has been working on since the spring of 2015. Since the start of his line, he has managed to create different collections within his brand. We enjoy his abstract designs and his impeccable attention to detail. “Reference Point” is his latest collection that launched last week, which we would agree is a definite buy. He decided to go with the name “Reference Point” because it is a continuation of his previous collection entitled “Array.” After he finished “Array” he noticed his collection was not quite complete, so he decided to finish it off with “Reference Point.”

The theme of this collection evolved from visuals, vibrant colors, typefaces and fonts. He often likes making the art that people often overlook at as the center of his design. From creating the design to producing the garments, a lot of time and effort has been put into this collection. Each piece he created is a glimpse into his creative thought process. While making this collection he was inspired by a graphic designer named Massimo Vignelli that he did research over some time ago. However, if he could pick one person to assist him on creating this collection, it would have definitely been Kanye West. This time around he got the chance to actually be in the field to produce this collection himself. He found the experience refreshing because he knew his audience would reap the benefits of that invested time and energy. Kingsford is always thinking of better ways to cater to his audience. He understands that once he releases his collection, he must always follow-up with something bigger and better. With the creative talent we see in Kingsford, no telling when he will start being featured in magazines like Vogue. Stay tuned for his new collection coming soon. Meanwhile, get your pieces from “Reference Point” before they run out.

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