Representing Dallas Texas, Ebony Ohen is a twenty-two year old biology major with a double minor in digital media arts and arts at Prairie View A&M University. Ebony had no real interest in her major, she only did it to please her family’s aspirations to have a doctor in the family. Ebony spent the majority of 2016 to think about what would truly make her happy. It wasn’t long until she realized that fashion and graphic design is what she was most passionate about. This realization led to Ebony creating her brand, “Section|13” that was started February of 2017. Ebony got her first sale fairly quickly. Ebony receives a lot of verbal support, so to see the shift from “words to action” really showed her how much potential she had. Ebony firmly believes that her brand has changed her as a person. Ebony’s brand Section|13 has forced her to be more comfortable not only with her artwork but also with herself. Ever since the start of her brand, Ebony is more comfortable talking about herself and sharing her experiences. Ebony’s faith in Christ is her greatest motivation to keep producing. Some local designers that Ebony looks up to like Kiera, owner of “TheRichEra” and Vay owner of “DAWN by Vay” assures her that with hard work and dedication, success will attend her efforts. People who inspire Ebony are her family, and the Crooked Straight Media team. (@CrookdStr8Media). She believes that “everyone aspires to be the greatest version of themselves and reveal the good and the bad forces working in this world in their own unique ways.” Ebony’s favorite thing about being a designer is the process. Defining the process as “something very magical about watching a simple thought, an idea, manifest into something tangible. From a sketch to a digital image; then from that stage the possibilities are endless.” According to Ebony, the hardest part about being a designer is having such a variety of ideas that you want to carry but forced to concentrate on only one. For Ebony, working under pressure is very efficient for her work ethics. A little pressure keeps Ebony on her toes otherwise “laziness has room to creep in.” Ebony doesn’t really have a favorite clothing brand, but she does admire how “bold, daring and expressive Jeremy Scott continues to be with Moschino.” She also pays very close attention to brands like Nautica, Calvin Klein and Guess. She believes that they’ve “been starting to take more risks with their creative direction.” Ebony’s main target audience are the misfits, weirdos and creative underdogs from all backgrounds. A lot of her designs are especially to empower black women. She’s found her sisters to be her biggest support group. Ebony gets endless inspiration from addressing specific topics and issues prevalent within society. She especially considers the climate of society today with a new administration in office. In 5 years Ebony sees herself as a 28 year old well out of college and had a chance to put her all into her brand. In the future she sees herself attaining real estate to house her creation from apparel to artwork. She also sees herself owning an operating retail art shop/studio with attained extensive travel background in doing business across the world. Ebony is more than confidant that the millions will come, but she’s living for the experience. In the world of designers, Ebony considers herself a student before anything. Gathering knowledge from literally everywhere and everything. However, when it comes down to style, Ebony considers herself as a teacher. Some advice Ebony had for others who may share similar aspirations is a quote by her favorite artist Kid Cudi. “If you can't do what you imagine, then what is imagination to you?" For business inquiries you can reach Ebony Ohen via email at

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