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Eighteen-year-old Jacob Mosley was born in Chicago but raised in Houston TX. Founder of “Pictures By Dior”, Jacob is a talented up and coming photographer who has an eye for detail. Jacob has been in the media industry for about five years now. With Jacob’s two cameras, a Canon AE-1 and a Canon Rebel t2i he’s mastered his skill creating a distinct style in the way he takes photos. This journey of photography all started when Jacob was simply taking pictures for his outfits with the back of his camera phone. As time went by so did technology and its numerous improvements to better capture moments. Jacob understood that it was in his best interest to invest in his work and upgrade to more advanced equipment to better capture his vision. One of the pictures taken by Jacob is of famous American Hip Hop recording artist and songwriter Lil Uzi Vert. Even though a lot of Jacob’s photos are of celebrities, Jacobs favorite things to take photos of are cars. Having the chance to shoot for celebrities and some of his favorite rappers only motivates him to keep improving and expanding. One thing that Jacob aims for when taking pictures is shock value. When people see his work, he wants a “WOW” type of reaction. If Jacob had the chance to set up a photoshoot with any celebrity he would hands down pick American rapper, record producer, director, actor and model ASAP Rocky. Jacob has seen ASAP before but never got the chance to take any pictures for him. Nonetheless it is something that Jacob wants to accomplish, being that he learns so much from just watching and listening to his music. Some advice that Jacob has for any upcoming photographers is to “do a lot, but never too much.” For business inquires you can reach Jacob Mosley via email at You can also follow him on Instagram to keep up with his work @DiorVision.

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