A Man with Many Talents

Some people like expressing themselves through music and others like expressing themselves through creative designs. P. Nobyl, an artist from Houston, Texas, has managed to find different outlets to display his talents. Whether he’s in the middle of a workout, class, or doing anything else productive, he always has creation on his mind. Throughout his journey, he has realized the impact his music has made on other people. The positive responses that he continues to receive from his fans pushes him to continue to create

and inspire. The message in his music is worth far more than just the production. His lyrics are not just random, but they are based on the thoughts that remain in his heart throughout the day. His music is the crossroad between hip-hop and gospel music. Through his inspirational and positive lyrics, he hopes to direct the focus on God. Although he was a little nervous during his first performance, he was elated being able to speak about something that’s important in the form of rap. In the near future, he plans to continue sharing his music on stage and possibly rap in a cypher. He continues to perfect his

craft through persistence. Despite the fact that he is still learning, he still realizes that the only way of staying relevant in this rapidly changing society is by never changing who he is. In the next 5 years, he will be not only a musician, but also an engineer. His ultimate goal is to be an established entrepreneur and musician, who travels the world to make an impact. He would advise others following their dreams to “stay focused and be you. Don’t change who you are for the sake of fame.” Always remember success isn't about the money you're making. Make an impact. Spread positivity.

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