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“Stay true to whatever drives you… outwork everyone else and success will find you.” Straight from Houston, Texas, Dalton, owner of Stay True Clothing has a message that is very clear to follow. Owning this brand has surely taught him about the fashion industry. Moreover, this brand has taught him about life. He emphasizes the importance of staying true to yourself no matter what obstacle is thrown in your way. The trials he has faced owning this brand has not pushed him down, but it has taught him to preserve until what he has worked for what has been accomplished. Starting up the brand was the hardest part of the journey. In the beginning, it was difficult to not be able to do exactly what he envisioned. However, as he grows

as a brand he will continue to learn and soon do more and more of what he wants. He even says that failure is his greatest motivation. Staying true to the process will determine the end goal. Bumps in the road should not and does not stop him from his performance. Unlike other people, his first sale did not really phase him too much. His first couple sales were to people who already knew him like friends and family. He did not realize that he was even running a clothing line until he was approached by a stranger who liked his clothes. Dalton has truly fell in love with creating for the people. He recognizes that Stay True Clothing is truly for the people. He works towards being among the best street wear brands like Supreme and Bape. In order to accomplish that, he plans on staying consistent with his products while keeping his buyers interested in his gear. As well as running his clothing line, Dalton would consider himself a sneaker head. He soon wants to have The Dunk Emporium specializing in Nike Dunks from over the years. In five years he will have graduated from the University of Houston while owning a brick and mortar flagship store in Houston and expanding the brand start of The Dunk Emporium around this time. He would have achieved success when his brand becomes one of the most widely, well know street wear brands in the industry.

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