Kinship and Kimble

Eric and Lamar Kimble are two innovative brothers who established their clothing brand, Originated Not Emulated also known as O.N.E in November of 2016. Two brothers that spend quality and professional time together, Eric and Lamar are always working together to develop new ideas to potentially expand their brand. Their clothing line signifies their unbreakable bond between them. As they mention “Our brotherhood is like no other and our brand mirrors our bond”. They believe that blood makes you related, but loyalty makes you family. Although Eric and Lamar might have their differences, they still find a way to join their creativity to come up with captivating designs for their brand.

The brand has changed Eric and Lamar to become more mature as they have learned that if you invest your time in something you believe in, despite any circumstances, you will see results. In order to improve their brand so it can become more successful in the future, Eric and Lamar are constantly seeking knowledge to stay ahead of competition. Their greatest motivation comes from their family and the fear of being average. Remembering where they came from to where they are now is constant reminder for them to never give up. Eric and Lamar view success as “not trying to reach a monetary status but rather the perception of what you want out of life”. Together they embody art and express themselves through fashion. Their advice to those who share similar aspirations is to always trust your instincts!

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