“Photography is subjective. What speaks to you may not speak to someone else” is a quote from Asiyami Gold that Jennifer Adigwe, a talented photographer, loves. Born and raised in Houston, TX, Jennifer is a current college student who has had a passion for photography since her senior year in high school. Jennifer often reminisces on the day when she purchased her first cameras, a Fujifilm polaroid and old canon that she thrifted. She now mainly shoots with her canon T3 rebel. Jennifer’s photography skills have grown from the days of her first photoshoots she did for fun to the special events she is now booked for.

Special events such as shooting a birthday party that was featured in Bella Naija and wedding proposals. She calls herself “a work in progress” as she is still mastering editing along with other skills. Jennifer’s favorite part of being a photographer is “capturing moments people wouldn't have otherwise paid attention too.” She sees photography as a way of self-expression. To Jennifer, a “perfect” picture evokes some kind of emotion from the person looking at it. There are quite a few other photographers that she admires. They include Dallas photographer, Temi Coker, and Awol Eriku, the photographer who shot Beyonce’s pregnancy shoot. Though she believes the magic is in the lens and not the camera body, her dream camera would be a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. Jennifer’s advice for other photographers is to not let

anyone force you to go a certain direction with your photography. That it is up to the individual to decide if you want it to be more of a hobby or a business. She also says to be ready to take criticism and always aspire to inspire. Jennifer sees herself as a perfectionist and admits it can be hard when you’re first starting out. “With any talent, it’s important to look at people who have more experience than you and use them as motivation rather than be discouraged. Everyone always says talent is God given, but skill is developed. The best advice she can give to anyone is to never stop trying to ‘master’ your craft”.

To get your memorable moment captured book an appointment with Jennifer at: jennifer.adigwe@yahoo.com

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