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March 10, 2017

Born in New York but raised in Houston Texas, Ken Williams began his brand MÉLANGE in the beginning of 2016. Like a lot of designers, Ken William

’s brand was self-made. Ken believes that his brand MÉLANGE has changed him in a lot of ways. His ability to convert how he feels into art people can wear only motivates him to continue his journey. Another great motivation for Ken is all the positive feedback he gets on his clothes and the constant encouragement to push out more designs. Ken’s favorite thing about being a designer is “making pieces that’s never been seen or thought of before.” He also uses these fresh unseen ideas to stay relevant in the fashion industry. Ken does not believe he is successful yet. It’s only when he sees that “everybody worldwide” is wearing his clothes will he believe that MÉLANGE is a success. Ken is always looking for ways to perfect his craft. Ken believes to perfect his craft, he must keep promoting his clothing line and most importantly make new pieces every day. Ken’s advice for people who want to start fashion designing is “don’t follow the trends everyone else is following. Create what you want because the fashion industry is all about standing out.”

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