“Lovve without limits. Lovve people without a reason or limit or condition or anything.” South West Alief, Texas is where our next musician comes from. Since JohnyyP was young, music has always had his heart. He started off making music from time to time in his neighbor’s closet turned studio. However, one day he committed to making a full song. He uploaded it to Facebook and was shocked at the feedback he received from it. All the attention he got was not positive, however the positive comments kept him going back to the studio to make music for the people who enjoyed it. The more music he would make, the more attention he received. However, at a point in time, his former pursuit of becoming an engineer kept getting in the way of his music. He had to give music a break. Despite that, heartbreak brought him back to music. Music was his only way to heal the pain he was feeling. While working on his project “JohnyyLovve Must Die,” he finally came to the realization that music was truly the career for him. His hobby turned into his career. If he could feature any artist dead or alive, it would be his little sister CherishAlwayss, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and Tupac all on one song, with Future doing the adlibs. Packing out Warehouse Live with almost 500 people really opened his eyes and others that his support system was here and growing. More importantly, his greatest accomplishment is being able to help people through rough

times in their life through his music. He gives all the credit for that to God. Just like others, JohnyyP used to bottle up a lot of his emotion. Thankfully, music has allowed him to share his true emotions. He always reminds himself that his talents are not ordinary, but God given. With God on his side, he cannot fail. He wants to global, and wants the world to learn how to “lovve.” Moreover, he wants God to be proud of him. Reaching Heaven is true success. For those who share similar aspirations as himself, JohnyyP wants you know to stay motivated or you will quit. Once you are going, never quit. “GRIND! One day it will pay off.”

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