Slayed by Tamara

Representing McAllen Texas, Tamara Onuorah is an up and coming h​​air and make-up stylist. Tamara currently attends UTSA and majors in psychology. Tamara has been doing hair and make-up for about nine years, throughout these years she has been perfecting her hair and make-up skills leaving clients happy and satisfied. Tamara described receiving her first client as a “nerve-racking” experience but saw to it that her client would get exactly what she wanted.

Tamara’s favorite thing about doing hair and make-up is being able to have funny and interesting conversations with clients and “trying new things.” Tamara’s favorite style of hair to do are sew-ins, mainly because it doesn’t take as long to get done. Most of the time Tamara even does her own hair further more perfecting her hair and make-up styling skills. One famous stylist that Tamara aspires to be like is Youtube sensation, MakeupShayla. Tamara follows in her footsteps in terms of make-up and looks up to her as a stylist. Tamara’s favorite make-up brands are Maybelline and Morphe. Even though styling is a side job for Tamara, she still takes it seriously and she still has high

expectations as to where her skills will take her in the future. For example, in five years Tamara sees herself owning her own hair and make-up business. Her goal is to keep this business thriving to encourage styling at a fast pace and most importantly making sure that the styling last long. One celebrity that Tamara would want to style is Beyoncé. Being the first stylist to be featured on MVAMAGAZINE, Tamara feels that this article will get her name and her business out there. Tamara’s message for all up and coming stylist like herself would be to “keep practicing” because learning how to style “does not happen overnight.” Tamara is located at the University of Texas at San Antonio area. She is available Monday-Thursday from 7am-1pm, and Friday-Sunday at any time of the day. To book an appointment you can reach Tamara via text message at (281)-777-8070. Book now for any time and day at affordable prices! IG: @slayed_byt

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