Born Poor Live Rich

True perseverance and consistency always bring out the true drive of success in people. Quinton Jackson designer of “Born Poor Live Rich” is a true testament to the fact. He started his clothing line back in 2011 and has been going strong since then. He continues to find the perfect balance between his line and his other endeavors. In the beginning of his journey, he never felt that he was running a business. However overtime, it had really sunk in that he was now in fact a designer. Still today, seeing people randomly wearing his brand gives him a surreal feeling each time. His brand has taught him many things about himself that he did not know even existed. Among those was the importance of patience. Contrary to what others believe, customer service and word of mouth go hand in hand. Jackson has learned to give the best customer service no matter how challenging a customer might be because he never knows who he may be serving. Being in the fashion industry has really changed his attitude for the better. He is always motivated to make his customers happy. The question,

"what if” is what always plays in his head whenever he even has a thought of giving up. He understands no one knows tomorrow, so he pushes to be the best he can be while he has time. He shares that he has known many people who have given up on their dreams too early in life and have had to live with regrets. Seeing that has made him a persistent person. He gives it his all until there's nothing left to give to reassure himself that he has truly tried his best. The fashion industry changes rapidly, so Jackson works hard to evolve his brand into unique pieces people will continue to wear. Although at times he does face mind blocks when creating a new piece, he still manages to get great designs that the people will enjoy to wear. The pressure on him to be great is what really gets him working hard. Through all of his hard work, he has realized that in order to continue to stay relevant, he must be consistent. He says, “Consistency is key even when you think nobody's watching. You still have to produce… even if they are not saying anything. Once you continue to push, you will see a number of people fall out the race and you will look up and you're by yourself. Then you have no choice but to win.” Jackson really emphasizes the importance of being your own boss, so it's no surprise that he is also venturing out to schools to speak on entrepreneurship. Typically,

most children and young adults believe you must hit a certain age to become an entrepreneur. Within the next five years, Jackson wants to promote entrepreneurship to the youth at an early age. Apart from that, he will continue to run and expand his brand in the hopes of having his product in a chain store. He does admit that although he has been in the industry for some time, he still has a lot to learn. Jackson works for what he wants and he believes that is the only way to be successful. He states, “Success is what you make it, not what anyone makes for you.” He wants to encourage any upcoming designer never to give up on your project no matter how slow business may be. The road to success is not a straight path. Never let the up and downs derail you from success.

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