Tdmoney is a name you will need to remember. Straight from a small town named Egypt, Terrence aka Tdmoney reveals his talents. He is currently at Texas Southern University pursuing a degree in Entertainment and Recording Industry Management. Music is one of his greatest passions. He can always come home, sit down in his own quiet space and write down song lyrics all day after a busy day of activities. He also enjoys watching many videos of DJ Akademics in his spare time. Music has made him aware of many things that never crossed his mind before. He never use to see himself as a vulnerable person, but throughout his career he has realized the only way to give his audience what's real, is to write lyrics that come straight from his heart. His audience really has the privilege to truly know him as a person. He shares with me that he strives to have “music relatable to people of all walks of life through any struggle.”

He always wants to give a positive message to his audience. He wants to deliver music that will encourage people through any rough patch they are faced with. His greatest accomplishment is being blessed with the opportunity build his relationship with God. He tributes his success and newfound relationships solely on Him. He believes the only way to continue succeeding is to keep God by his side. Apart from having God on your side, Tdmoney believes that the only way be successful is stepping out of your cocoon and going out to get what you want. If he could feature any artist in his music, it would be Will Smith. He believes Will Smith was an underdog, but his delivery was always spot on. Therefore, he sees him as a legend. His advice to others with a similar aspiration is clear, “shoot for the stars.” Always find ways to network and meet new people. Tdmoney surely believes he has what it takes to be the Most Valuable Artist. Do you?

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