An upcoming artist from San Antonio TX, Branden Barnett is a musician who enjoys writing his own music and working with artists. Coming from a family with many talents, Branden’s passion for music started at a young age and has only grew since then. Music has changed Branden in the aspect that it has allowed him to become more open minded. As he said, “Music is food for my soul that takes me to a place where I can find my peace and happiness”. One of Branden’s greatest achievement was overcoming his fear to perform his first show, where he received tremendous support from his family and friends.

Because of this achievement, Branden has grown exceptionally well since then. Today he has performed with many different artists such as Joey Fatts, Yung Nation, the Yin Yang twins and DC Youngfly! Another significant achievement for Branden is his second mixtape he is going to drop soon called, COZY. For his mixtape he wants to convey the message of always accepting who you are and allowing room for growth. In the future, Branden plans to continue seeking more opportunities to remain relevant in this rapid changing society by releasing consistent songs and videos. His ultimate goal is be known worldwide while collaborating with other artists.

In five years, Branden sees himself as a millionaire by the age of twenty four which he believes he will achieve with his family and fans as his greatest motivation. Branden looks up to artists Mick Jenkins, Chance the Rapper and Russ and hopes to one day feat Andre 3000, Childish Gambino and the whole Top Dawg Entertainment in his music. Branden believes success is positivity and would advise anyone who shares similar aspirations as him to remain positive, keep grinding and stay humble.

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