Leondra Gray from Houston TX, launched her clothing brand “Monaleo” in June of 2016. Monaleo is a versatile clothing line targeted towards the youth and young adults. Upon receiving her first sale, she was overcome with excitement. At that point, she could finally see the potential in her brand and she knew that it would be something worth investing her time in. The tremendous support she received when she released her line only pushed her to keep expanding her brand. Among being a designer, Leondra is also a student who does exceptionally well in her academics which will be landing her at Harvard University. In the future, she still plans on creating striking designs for her line. With a hectic future ahead of her, she knows that “God will help her create a balance and prioritize” when things become overwhelming. Leondra believes art has changed her as an individual because she can express herself freely without fear of rejection or lack of popularity. Her greatest motivation comes from her best friend Micah who has made her realize that she can trust ideas of others. Together they team up to combine new designs for her brand and generate ways to grow. Her favorite thing about being a designer is being able to turn her thoughts into something that can be worn. However, the hardest part of being a designer is the times where she feels like her work is in a stagnant phase. Regardless, when facing those hard times Leondra still stays focused on the big picture. Her plan to stay relevant in this ever-changing society is to stay true to her beliefs when it comes to authenticity and originality. Look out for her Black History Month (limited edition) collection which will be included in her relaunch this February. Furthermore down the line in the next 5 years, she sees herself almost finished with law school, expanding her clothing line, and possibly starting a singing career. Leondra’s ultimate goal in life is to establish a legacy and a name for herself and “rise above the typical stereotype.” In the world of designers Leondra considers herself more of a student then a teacher. She believes that she has so much to learn before she can teach, but she is willing to put in the work.

Leondra defines success as a “constant progression whether it be a little or a lot.” Leondra believes that success is a triumph no matter the size of the achievement and it does not always have to be publicized. Leondra goes on saying that “success is the ability to accomplish a task in your own way.” Leondra also feels like in order for her to perfect her craft, she must keep a consistent and stable mindset. Her advice to others pursuing a similar goal is to not only believe in yourself, but to move at your own pace and invest in your ideas.

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