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Andre Francis along with a team of young entrepreneurs from Corpus Christi, started their clothing line called Futurist, in April of 2015. The mission behind Futurist is to help change the world in becoming a more positive place while seeking future aspects in life. Andre enjoys designing what interests him and appreciates people who support his creations. His ideas and opinions are constantly exchanged. Therefore, he believes working with others has only created a better platform for his brand. Andre and his team are always out to see how they can expand their brand through different plans, critiques, and designs. Because of the way this brand has changed their team, they realize they are now potential role models for those interested in the same path.

Their greatest motivation comes from the things they know they can accomplish in the future. They try their best to obtain their goals so they can travel and take care of their families. While doing this, they want to make sure to influence people to follow their dreams and make a difference. They do not want to limit themselves to just making clothing. In the future, they want to begin shooting music videos and promote upcoming music artists that are often overlooked. Their definition of success is being able to do what you want without a care in the world. They believe in order to succeed in this industry, you can not envy others. Instead, uplift one another who share the common goal as you.

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