Straight out of Houston TX, Litroy Lambert better yet known as “DJYungTroy” is taking cities by storm. With Troy’s ability to smoothly mix fast jams with slow jams in such a creative way, makes him a great force to be reckoned with. Troy started his DJ career in December of 2015. Like anyone new to the industry of art, Troy had and still has people he looks up to for guidance and inspiration to be as great as his next opponent. Troy highly respects and aspires to be like “DJ Fat” and “DJ EPhlat”. Troy expressed how these two DJ’s, opened up a lot of opportunities for him, exposed him to a variety of crowds and most importantly, these two DJ’s were always there for him when he needed it. With the constant support and inspiration of those around him, Troy was successfully able to land his first official DJ gig at a nightclub called “The Garden”. DJYungTroy’s talent on the one’s and two’s did not go unnoticed as he landed another gig that same weekend at another club named “The Fifth Lounge”. With all that has gone on in his career, Troy has also had the opportunity to work and collaborate with other DJ’s. Troy enjoys building different connections within the industry, but also believes that depending on the crowd and the DJ, “it can bring DJ’ing as a whole down.” Nonetheless he would one day like to work with DJ Tat Tat and DJ Does It All. He also believes they both have different style of DJ’ing that appeal to the crowd like none other. Now when it comes to doing things a bit differently, DJYungTroy excels in that aspect. One prime example would be Troy’s “Appreciation Week.” This

was a week where he hosted a series of free events that not only integrated the fashion industry and the DJ industry, but also gave back to the very community that supported him throughout his career. He provided events for the community where he gave out free shirts, free DJ lessons, and more importantly just gave the community something to come out to. Troy’s favorite part about being a DJ would be entertaining the crowd. Troy understands that it’s the crowd that makes the party, so he makes it his mission to assure that “the crowd is enjoying themselves.” He makes sure no one is missing out on the fun through his versatile selections. With all that Troy’s been through, his advice for any up and coming DJ would be to “never stop learning and to keep working.” “DJYungTroy” has no doubt in his mind that he has what it takes to be the most valuable artist and with the mindset Troy has, the sky is the limit.

For Bookings: 713-254-6743


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