Truly Preezy

A man of many talents, Deprey Lane also known by his stage name Truly Preezy is a versatile rapper who was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Coming from a family who also share the same passion for music, Preezy was inspired to start his rapping career by his cousin and uncle. He began displaying his talent in seventh grade at his high school talent show, and he has only grown since then.

Preezy’s greatest achievement was graduating high school which led him to be the first in his family to pursue a college career. He motivates himself by continuing to keep his head up and only strive for greatness during his low times. He finds his music really relatable to his audience who may struggle with the same personal issues that he is also going through. His drive for success is very evident in and out the studio. He teaches perseverance as he raps, “Strive and work hard for what you want in life and do not let anyone crush your dreams. We all have a dream.” Preezy looks up to Tupac and J. Cole, and in five years he sees himself working at a studio with a team of phenomenal artists. However, his ultimate goal is to be the absolute best he can be and to hopefully inspire other individuals through his music. Preezy’s advice to those wanting to pursue the same path is to not follow others, but to always be yourself.

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