Meet Victor Madu: The man behind "MVAMAGAZINE"

          Victor Madu, 20. is a college student from Houston, TX. Prior to creating MVAMAGAZINE he created and drove the traffic for his own clothing company. One thing that he can accredit to his success is the power of social media promotion. Ever since he began his brand he would receive private messages and e-mails from up and coming designers like himself asking for promotion. He felt it was only right to build a seperate platform for other aspiring designers to expand their brands. However, he decided to open up the opportunity to all types of artists. MVAMAGAZINE promotes singers, dancers, painters, rappers, YouTubers, and many more. His goal is only to make sure that he can aid people with whatever their talent may be and ensure that they can unlock their full potential.


Founded by Victor Madu

 E D I T O R S

Cherechi Abakwue

Ginika Obi

Carlton Obidimma


   Jordan Abraham

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